Tips On Effectively Booking Your Tenancy Cleaning Contractor

How much time did you spend on your last change of home? Three months? Or even half a year? If you take choosing your residence so carefully, I strongly suggest adopting the same approach for your end of tenancy cleaning.

Most of my first-time customers who have never dealt with the problem before, find out about it in the last possible moment. They start scrambling for solutions and tend to panic that they will lose their deposit or try to improvise with the end of tenancy cleaning on their own.

You probably already guess what I am about to say – do not wait for the last moment to book a solid move-out cleaning job. Most contractors require at least three days in advance to schedule an appointment and execute the sanitary tasks to a high standard. Anything less than that is inviting trouble and further complications. Give yourself at least double this time to look for a suitable cleaning company – sometimes your first choice might not be the best one.

Do not hesitate to ask your landlord for advice – homeowners usually have an excellent notion about the realities of the market and which company they trust. Be sure to check at least 4-5 offers and compare the price range for your property – the difference in cost is significant!

Bottom line – do your homework in advance, and you will have no issues with the end of tenancy cleaning!